L'Arche Manchester January news

Wow, we need a sit down in February, the residents and teams at L’Arche Manchester certainly seem to have been busy!

Kathy, A resident at the home on the Avenue, celebrated her birthday this month and it looks like everybody enjoyed the celebrations.

With the end of isolation periods the residents at the house on the Avenue have been overjoyed at being able to see each other again. There have been several outings with a group going to see a performance of The School of Rock.

And even a sneaky trip to MacDonalds which also combined with a sightseeing trip to see the L'Arche advertising board which features Kathy and Vanessa!

The homes have also been able to reinstate day activities and here are some lovely photos of the goings on over the last few weeks.

It’s been wonderful to see such a happy start to the new year at L’Arche Manchester -advertising and cakes that’s the life!

We look forward to more updates soon.


Love the SPK UK Foundation Team x