Forever Angels, Summer News

Since January, the Baby Home has been extremely busy with nine new children being admitted.

Here are just a few of the new bundles who have joined over the last few weeks - Lewis and Luna, Joshua and Etra.

This quarter the Baby Home said goodbye to eight of their children.  The team are so happy to report that four children have been adopted into new families.  Forever Angels strongly believes in family – and are overjoyed to know these children now have a family to call their own.

It was also thrilling to find out that Danny and Shaban were going to join the same family as Ian and Sarah (who were also raised at Forever Angels) and they will all grow up as siblings!

Where are they now?

It’s always a joy to hear how some of the 'flown' children are getting on in their new lives.  Amos lived at Forever Angels for a couple of years in the early days of Forever Angels whilst his Mum was very sick and struggling.  He returned home to his Mum and she was supported with a job at Forever Angels where she works to this day. Amos visited this year and he is such a tall and handsome young man now and is doing so well at school!

Charlie was one of the first children to come to Forever Angels back in 2006.  Everyone who visited the Baby Home knew Charlie - he was smart and had the most adorable, cheeky smile!  Charlie was adopted when he was 4 years old and he now lives in England with his family.  He has one more year of High School and then he plans to become a famous footballer!

Mecktilda came to Forever Angels in 2011 when she was about 7 months old.  She was such a sweet baby and was adopted into a wonderful family in 2014. She now lives in England with them and is a beautiful young lady now doing really well at school.

Maisha Matters

Maisha Matters continues to grow with new families being signposted to the program every week. There is nothing the team love more than seeing the difference in these babies in just a few weeks. Just look at Loveness and the amazing transformation she has made since enrolling on the program just four months ago!

Coronavirus seems to be hitting Africa much harder during the second wave and Maisha Matters is doing everything they can to educate and protect the families they support.  They have ensured that all families have masks to wear and soap to wash their hands at home.

Whilst the charity provided weekly milk to the babies throughout the pandemic, the training workshops were suspended to prevent large crowds from gathering. It soon became evident that Tanzania as a nation, is not really able to socially distance and the education that was being delivered was still much needed. As such they have now happily resumed the workshops.

The focus of setting up families in business has continued empowering them to provide for their families now and in the future.  This quarter they have seen a range of businesses from batik making, to charcoal stalls to small cafes and dried fish stalls. 

Our Support

We have been so happy to continue our support of the Forever Angels and Maisha Matters teams. Whilst it is wonderful to see such joyful outcomes to all the hard work they do, it is important to recognise and remember that the families and children involved continue to struggle in what has been a particularly tough year. Anything that you can do to help makes such a difference.

You can set up a monthly sponsorship via Just Giving or on the website at 


The SPK UK Team x