About SPK UK
As part of the drive to work with more UK based charities in 2020, the Sidney & Phyllis Krystal Foundation submitted an application to the UK Charity Commission in 2019. Following a rigorous and lengthy process we were delighted to be awarded charitable status in January 2020. This is an incredibly exciting step forward for the foundation.

In line with the Sidney & Phyllis Krystal Foundation’s values, SPK UK will look for small charities focused on the education and general wellbeing of young people in UK communities.

We will work together to establish the right projects for the foundation to engage in supporting, and follow the progress of work as it moves forward.

We’ll announce the projects here and you can catch up on their development over on our Community Hub.

Board of Trustees

Booney Smith

With over 30 years’ experience in the fashion industry, Booney has worked for influential designers including Jasper Conran and Bruce Oldfield. In 2004 she undertook Doula training to specialise in helping new mothers and their babies. Friends for more than four decades, Booney played a significant role during the last two years of Phyllis’ life, overseeing the publication of her new books and the launch of the SPK Foundation’s website.

Henrietta Hirst

Henrietta has built a 30-year career advising companies and financial institutions on business media relations and communications strategies.  She has worked for clients in the US and Asian markets as well as UK/Europe and represented firms, both public and private, operating in a wide variety of industries from professional service firms and fintech start-ups to global industrial conglomerates.

Christine Dandridge

Christine has worked in the international insurance world for over 35 years, mainly as a founder of Atrium Underwriting. In the last decade she has held several non-executive directorships. These included Lloyd’s Register and the board of the charitable trust of Lloyd’s of London.

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SPK UK Projects
Northleigh House School

Northleigh House School in Warwick was founded by Viv and Fred Morgan in 2012. The couple were moved to take action by media coverage about the issue of bullying in secondary schools and the tragic suicide of a young local girl.

They opened the school in their own home creating a truly personalised student led curriculum that encompasses both academic and therapeutic support. It focuses on the school’s core values of positive self esteem, confidence in one’s own judgement, self-reliance, ambition, compassion and independence.

Northleigh House strives to provide a happy, safe and nurturing environment where children can grow and develop to their full potential. Many of the students at Northleigh have been excluded from mainstream education and having attended Northleigh have gone on to exceed the expectations they have been given, with some achieving a place at University.

In further testament to the success of the school, the Morgans were awarded the Pride of Britain Special Recognition Award in 2015 for their extraordinary education. Following Fred’s death Viv has continued to work tirelessly ad was herself awarded awarded an MBE in 2019.

Schools that provide this kind of essential support are seriously lacking in the UK. The Government and local Councils recognise the vital need for extraordinary schools such as Northleigh and offer support where possible.

The Foundation visited the school in early 2019 and we were blown away by Viv’s determination and passion to help the students in her care. She is an absolute inspiration.

Read more about our work with Northleigh House School
Forever Angels Baby Home

Forever Angels is a UK based charity. The Baby Home provides interim care for orphaned and abandoned children in Tanzania. Amy Hathaway and her husband moved to Tanzania in 2002 to teach at an International School. Whilst there, they visited many orphanages where children were being very poorly cared for. After seeing a huge need for a home specifically for babies, Forever Angels was established and they took in their first child in 2006.

Since then the focus has been on reuniting orphaned and abandoned children with their relatives and setting them up to be able to provide life-long care. After years of working closely with these families, learning from them, Forever Angels found that child abandonment could be prevented by empowering a family. Maisha Matters was created as a way to work closely with at risk families and provide nutrition and education so families can live independently.

The emphasis is upon high quality interim care and our goal is for every child to be raised in a loving home. 80% of the children who enter their care have returned to live with their biological families or have been adopted into new families. This is highly indicative of the success of the Baby Home and the excellent relationships that have been established with the local community and services.

Maisha Matters is run by the Forever Angels Baby Home staff and aims to keep families together by empowering them to work their way out of abject poverty and care for their children at home. The goal is empowerment and sustainability.

The group take 50 families, each with an at-risk baby, through a yearlong project to encourage them to care for their own children and to live independently. They start with a malnourished infant who has no lactating mother and who is at risk of malnutrition and death – and finally achieve a confident and self-supporting family.

The Foundation has been aware of the work Forever Angels has accomplished for many years, and knew that our donation at the end of 2019 would be put to good use. We took great joy in supporting the Christmas festivities and providing the babies with much needed milk.

Read more about our work with Forever Angels