Forever Angels Trek to Tanzania

We are all having to adjust to huge changes in our lives and this has been a difficult time for everyone, but none will be hit harder than those already living in poverty.

We have been truly inspired by Amy Hathaway over at Forever Angel's determination to find a way to help her team in Tanzania despite not being able to physically be with them.

Havin felt helpless and frustrated she came up with a simple solution - she would walk. It is over 6,115 miles from her front door in Bolton to Forever Angels Baby Home in Tanzania and after calculating it would take about 3 years to get there she realised she needed to take a different approach.

So Amy asked some friends and family to 'walk with her' to use their allotted hour of daily exercise to walk, cycle or run in order to 'virtually' walk to Tanzania together.

She was blown away by the response she had and in just one week there were 213 people walking covering 5,523 miles and raising over £22,000.

Footprints are converted into food with all the money raised being used to buy milk and food parcels that will help families living in desperate poverty in Tanzania to get through this extremely difficult time.

Amy and her tribe have now covered 22,232 miles rasing £33,626 and have almost reached Forever Angels Baby Home.

With people continuing to sign up they have decided to just keep going. They will first be heading to Australia - then who knows, perhaps we will even walk around the entire world.

If you would like to join the tribe and add some purpose to your daily exercise simply register by clicking the link below then get walking!


The SPK UK Team x