Forever Angels trip to Tanzania

Due to COVID, Amy from Forever Angels like so many people has been unable to travel to Tanzania for two and a half years. Many planned trips have been cancelled but was SO worth the wait!  Look at the amazing welcome she got at the airport by the baby home staff with singing, dancing and many hugs!

The staff have done an incredible job of keeping the Baby Home running like clockwork.  From the Mamas to gardeners, teachers, cooks, cleaners, Social Workers and Management Staff - they all do such an incredible job every single day.

Forever Angels Preschool is such a happy place to be - full of fun and giggles, singing and dancing and such amazing learning opportunities for the children.  The children love to play in water...

..And practice their mark marking! It is wonderful to see the children gaining confidence each day as they learn to play and explore.

The Maisha Matters programme continues to grow - with over 60 orphaned and at risk babies and their caregivers coming to their centre every week to collect milk, be weighed and attend training workshops. 

The Maisha Matters staff do a truly incredible job with these families.  Amy joined them on four days of home visits - spending time with the families in their own homes and working out the best way to help each family become independent.

It's not just milk they provide - it is huge amounts of individualised support and advice to enable families to live healthy, sustainable lives.  The staff ensure that bottles are made properly and kept clean, as well as giving advice on hygiene and bathing, treating ailments, childhood vaccinations and even farming.

On just one day in the village they:

* Bought a family a mattress so they didn't have to sleep on a concrete floor
* Helped a family to move into a new home
* Hung a mosquito net
* Helped a Mama currently sick with Cervical Cancer
* Gave food to a family of children home alone whilst their Mum is sick in hospital
* Replaced a mattress for a baby and bought medication for her
* Bought food supplies for a family in need

They also set up a range of new businesses for the families they support and checked on others which have been running a few weeks to see how they are getting on.

It is wonderful to see hope instilled in these families, who just weeks before came to the programme in despair. We have so much love and respect for you all, 

Love the SPK UK Foundation Team x