Forever Angels Update, September 2020

The staff and children continue to be well and healthy at Forever Angels and with the rains having stopped, the children spend most of their days playing outside.

The staff have recently welcomed six new children to Forever Angels: Joshua and Joel, John, Frank, Rachel and Christiana.

They have also said goodbye to seven children over last three months who have returned home to live with their biological relatives.  Whilst the children will be missed at Forever Angels - family is the ultimate goal for every child in their care and they so happy for these children. It's a tribute to all the work both the team and families have done together.

Finally the Maisha Matters training workshops have been able to restart after being put on hold during the Coronavirus outbreak.  They have now re-started the weekly training sessions, at reduced capacity, as the risk of malaria, malnutrition and diarrhoeal disease is still much greater for the families they support.


The SPK UK Team x