New arrivals at Forever Angels

Staff at the Forever Angels Baby Home have welcomed two new babies in the last week – meet Lauren and Jolane.

Lauren is 6 weeks old.  Sadly her Mum died shortly after giving birth to her.  Her Dad refused to accept responsibility for Lauren and no other family members agreed to care for her, and so signed away their rights.  She is a beautiful little girl and she will be well loved at Forever Angels until an adoptive family can be found for her.

Jolane is around 10 months old and she was abandoned in the market.  Her Mum asked a young girl to hold her, but she never returned.  Jolane has been well loved and we are hoping that her Mum or relatives can be found.  Until then, she will be well cared for at the Baby Home.

The Baby Home staff are incredible and they give such wonderful care to babies like Lauren and Jolane.   But they can only do this because of the generosity of supporters who sign up to sponsor children.  People like YOU.  Please click here to sign up to sponsor one of these precious girls today.

This is the difference we can all make.  Happiness' Mum died in childbirth and she was sponsored to join the Maisha Matters programme - receiving weekly formula milk whilst remaining in the wonderful care of her Grandmother. Just look at her now - 6 years old and thriving!

Flown Children

Forever Angels believes in Family and always celebrate when children are returned to their biological relatives or adopted into new families.  Over the last couple of months, both Mickdad and Joseph have been adopted into new families which is just fantastic news.

The Baby Home also said goodbye to Neema, Rose, Hilda and Chris as they were reunified home to their relatives.  Forever Angels has supported these families to set up small businesses so they are able to provide for their children now and long into the future.  Whilst it is hard to say goodbye to these children who the staff have truly grown to love - they belong in their families and Forever Angels does everything in its power to make family reunification possible.


Love The SPK UK Foundation Team x