Northleigh House School Summer News

Northleigh House School celebrated their 2021 leavers this summer which saw 5 of the students move on to a new and exciting chapter in their lives, a particularly poignant moment for these children. We wish them all the very best starting in their colleges and apprenticeships this month.

The school has also welcomed 9 new students and teachers this term and we wish them well as they settle into life at Northleigh this week.

Much work has been done over the summer break 17 volunteers from Dassault Systemes spent the day in the garden and did a serious amount of trimming, lopping and digging. Not only did they volunteer their time but also donated all the gardening equipment they had brought with them to Northleigh.

The school is very fortunate to have wonderful neighbours Nick and Cathy Dodd from Shrewley Pools Farm. They have opened their farm to Northleigh and so on a regular basis you will find students at the farm helping with lambing, holding baby chicks, digging in fruit trees and just generally enjoying the whole farm experience

Rob Sawyer, a very generous local driving instructor, donated his time and gave a free driving lesson at Warwick Racecourse to Jayden, Isobel, Henry, Ethan and Megan.

The son of one of the Northleigh teachers contributed to the general fun and chaos at the end of term by giving the students a crash course in pizza making!

It’s so wonderful to see people giving their time to the students and just shows what a benefit everybody can bring to the school. Anybody can volunteer so if you are interested simply drop them a line.

Our Support

We have been so happy to continue our support of Northleigh House school this year and look forward to seeing what the new term brings for the students.

Love The SPK UK Team x