Prashanti International School July Update

The Second Half of the Ground Floor Construction Has Begun!

WFF have now begun the construction of the second half of the new building. It will consist of six additional classrooms, a craft room, guest/teacher’s room, staircase, restrooms, and a courtyard auditorium - which will have a stage for cultural programs and assemblies.

The East side boundary wall, preliminary access road to the school, and building foundation have all now been successfully completed thanks to generous donations from both individuals and family foundations.

With the completion of the ground floor WFF will be able to offer education from pre-kindergarten through to high school (10th grade in the Indian education system) to disadvantaged and poor children in Puri and the surrounding villages. Without Prashanti International School these children would not have the opportunity to attend a human values-based, English immersion school.

In Elizabeth Burnett’s Words, Founder of Prashanti School & Co-Founder of WFF

“We plant the seed by providing a safe nurturing environment and a quality education. These children were fatherless or orphans, but now they have a home, a wonderful world family, and a chance for a brighter future! Education is transformative, education with values is huge, because each child whose life has been transformed affects their family, their community, and 100 lives have been changed.”

The Students Say It Best

“Without Prashanti, we would never have gone beyond seventh grade, and would now be working in the paddy fields instead of going to college.”

“In the future I can give back to others the golden chance I have been given.”