Prashanti International School Update, May 2019

Summer has already arrived in India and the children of Prashanti School have now completed their exams and are on summer holiday.

All the WFF sponsored children at Prashanti School received A's and B's on their end of year exams. They achieved this success by studying hard and focusing on their schoolwork. As a special treat a visit from the ice-cream man was lovingly arranged by WFF board member Dr. Edie Resto, which was much enjoyed by all the children.

The 2018-19 school year ended with the Student Awards for excellent academic achievement and the Student Talent Show in acting, singing and dancing.

The students' favourite awards each year are the Student Vote Awards where the children vote for classmates in numerous categories, from Kindest Student and Best Dresser, to Best Leader. Considering their votes helps the children think about what success means to them, and the attributes that support future success in life.

The day ended with a graduation ceremony for eight 8th grade students who have completed their studies at PIS and who have attended since kindergarten. It was a heartfelt moment, the love and support they have all felt during their time at PIS stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Special congratulations go to four of the PIS graduates who not only completed 8th grade with Honours, but also studied grades 9 and 10 concurrently with their regular classes through the Indian Open Schooling program. They studied incredibly hard and as a result they were able to take their National exams in April and graduate both 8th grade and high school at the same time. Quite an achievement.

A Special Visit

Dr. Krishna Mohandas recently visited the school, he is part of the donor group that has been instrumental in the ongoing new building program. Dr. Krishna was born in the UK and although his family are from India this was his first visit to Puri. He had a tour of the new building construction site and had a wonderful visit with the children.

 "Amazing place! I saw the educational and prayer areas. Great work that is being done here!"

Dr Krishna Mohandas

PIS Construction Update

Prashanti school are happy to announce that the finishing work on the new classroom building is completed. All the doors and windows, interior tiling, painting, electrical, plumbing, etc. are finished.

Thanks to the generosity of the Rotary Club of Ojai, the rotary club of Srikshetra in Puri and two other WFF supporters, their global grant will enable the PIS to get certification as an English Media high school and add grades 9 & 10.

This will make PIS’ dream of offering quality, values-based education in kindergarten through to high school graduation a reality and is a legacy project that will endure for many generations to come. It will also enable the boundary wall around the entire property, the entrance gates and much more work to be completed.