Prashanti International School Update, Nov 2018

Construction of the second half of the ground floor of the new classroom building for Prashanti International School continues. 

Autumn brings the end of monsoon rains in India, and a renewal of the cycle of life. The WFF team reports that the rains finally stopped long enough for the new roof to be built. It took three full days, many workers, and 12 huge cement trucks to install beam supports, electrical and plumbing lines and to cast the concrete roof. After two to three weeks, the roof will be properly set, and work on the walls and ceiling plastering will begin.

Once completed, this half of the new building will add 6 more classrooms, a science lab, art room, restrooms, and more for the students of PIS, and be able take them through to high school graduation.

Many congratulations to you all!

The SPK Team