Prashanti School Cyclone Fani Update, Aug 2019

The WFF sponsored children returned to Prashanti School on June 9 follow the summer break. The children and their families all came with stories of their experiences of Cyclone Fani. They were so grateful to be back at school where they feel safe and sound with food, clean water, electricity and their friends. Here are some of the children's stories and drawings about their Cyclone Fani experiences.

We are six family members in all. We went to my father's old school near our hut for shelter in the cyclone. It was not safe there either! All the asbestos (corrugated fiberglass sheeting) fell from the roof above the room where we were staying!!! More than 150 people were taking shelter there. After the cyclone left, we came back to PS hostel because it is safe here. Our hut 2 kilometers from the sea was totally destroyed. But we helped to rebuild the thatched hut and now have a tarp on the roof. Slowly the government will give help to rebuild better. Brother Loka said he was scared and sad to see the cyclone damage. I prayed to God for protection for my family at cyclone time. I think we are lucky to be alive. We had never been in a big cyclone before as none of us were born at the time of Super Cyclone of 1999. My little sister Ooni said it was like going back in time, 10 years or 100 years!!!. We had no water or electricity and nobody else had any either. (Bhabani, 13 years old)

My brother and I stayed in our house with four other family members, mother, handicapped father and old grandparents, We had a katcha (wood or thatched hut) house. We did not go to a relief center as the government told us to. When the wind got too strong, we went to a neighbor’s brick house. When we returned, the asbestos roof was gone and all of our things were soaked with rainwater. I was afraid and prayed to Bhagavan (God) to protect us! (Rahul, 9 years old)

When the cyclone hit, I was taking care of my grandmother in an inpatient room at our local Ayurvedic Hospital. She is being treated there for paralysis on her right side. Not only the boundary wall broke down, but also most of the patient room doors blew off and the glass in windows broke! My grandmother’s room also. My cousin sister was also with us. We stayed with our grandmother there for three weeks. There was no electricity and we had only dirty water for bath, etc. It was very difficult and we suffered a lot. But my grandmother is always smiling and has seen a lot in her lifetime. She helped us get through it. I admire her so much!!! (Puspanjali (Sonu), 13 years old)

We wish everybody much love and hope the rebuilding and recovery work continues.


The SPK Foundation Team