Prashanti School Cyclone Fani Update, July 2019

10 weeks after the cyclone power has finally been restored at Prashanti School. There are still daily power cuts however and internet connection remains down. Unfortunately power has still not been restored in the surrounding villages and this continues to cause hardship to the people living there.

Repairs to the Prashanti School hostel and Prashanti International School (PIS) campus are ongoing. The last of the fallen trees and debris has been cleared. The collapsed existing boundary wall at the hostel property is being rebuilt, security gates are being repaired, and new roofing is being constructed where needed.

At PIS work to complete the new boundary wall and security gates for the now-completed new classroom building is moving forward. A shortage of labour and increased material costs due to the cyclone, is affecting the ongoing progress. With support from their loyal contractor, Rotarian Sri Rabi Mohapatra work is continuing depstie the difficult conditions.

The WFF sponsored scholarship children returned for extra tutoring before the new school year began, and PIS reopened on 18th June. The villages where most of the students live suffered the most damage. The children returned with harrowing stories about their experiences during the storm. The poorest families lost their homes or suffered great damage to them and had great difficulty reaching food and water. These areas are still without power. Puri as a whole is coming back slowly but surely.

We look forward to reporting more about the school's progress during the summer term, 


The SPK Foundation team