Prashanti School Inauguration, 2020

Having supported this amazing cause for nearly 3 years we are so excited to hear that the new structure is now complete and classes are being held within it.

The team have faced incredible challenges with local flooding and more frequent and heavier monsoons in the last couple of years. Work continues to install storm drains, water pumps and ground levelling work is being done to carry the water off the school grounds as well as raise the floors in two of the classrooms which became flooded during the last monsoon season.

Flood waters often contain infection and can cause terrible illness so it is vital that everything is done to protect both the young children and teachers from coming into contact with it.

A ceremony to inaugurate the new buildings was held in January and a plaque commemorating the support of the SPK Foundation was positioned on the external wall of the entrance gates.

We wish all the students and teachers at the Prashanti School a fantastic year ahead.


The SPK Foundation Team