Prashanti School Update, June 2021

The entire state of Odisha, including Puri where Prashanti School is located, has been in lockdown since May 5 to stop the uncontrolled spread of Covid-19. The State has mandated that during lockdown all children return to their homes, so all our students are back with their guardians.

All around India, people are suffering enormously from both the health impacts of Covid, and the economic hardships brought about by loss of income due to lockdown. Many families of the Prashanti School students currently have no income at all, and have not been able to afford to buy enough food supplies to feed their family. They are hungry and in dire need of assistance.

We will keep the students and staff in our minds and join with them in the hope that lockdown restrictions are able to be relaxed very soon enabling the school to be reopened and the students to get back to the learning they so dearly love.


Love the SPK Foundation Team x