Prashanti School Update November 2019

Beach Cleaning Project

Some of the PIS students joined with students from other local schools in a Puri Municipal beach cleaning project. Puri is right on the coast of the Bay of Bengal, and the beach is an integral part of Puri life. Fishing and tourism are central to the area's economy. The children have been learning about the need to protect and preserve a healthy environment, and this hands-on project is a valuable way to serve the community.

Rakhi Purnima

Rakhi Purnima is a much beloved festival in the state of Odisha where the school is located. Brothers and sisters pledge to care for each other throughout life and since the children at Prashanti School consider themselves spiritual brothers and sisters, everybody joins in the ceremony. The girls tie Rakhi bracelets on the boys' wrists and the children pledge to support and help each other with kindness and respect.

Divali - Festival of Lights

The children of Prashanti School celebrated Divali on October 27 by lighting small oil lamps called dipas out in the courtyard of the Prashanti School hostel building. The lighting of lamps signifies the light of knowledge and goodness overcoming the dark of ignorance and negative forces. 

The celebration this year was made extra special by the attendance of Prashanti graduates Jhumeri and Liza. Jhumeri and Liza are now in their second year of University, and they love returning to spend time with the children. They are beautiful role models and such an encouragement to all the WFF sponsored kids. The children know that if these two wonderful young women who came from the same poor backgrounds as they do can actually go on to university, then they can too! Liza and Jhumeri encourage the children to study hard and to dream BIG!