Schools Update, May 2019

Northleigh House School

We wanted to share huge congratulations to Viv Morgan on her fantastically deserved MBE. I know that her family and everybody at Northleigh House School, as we are incredibly proud of her achievements and the recognition that this brings to her work.

It sounds like Viv and her family enjoyed a magical day together culminating in the ceremony where Viv received her award from Prince William. There has been good coverage in the press so keep your eyes open for further news from the school.

We sent some scrummy cakes for the school children to enjoy at a jolly tea party that the Northleigh team organised.

Prashanti International School

The was much concern about Cyclone Fani which was projected to make landfall on the coast of Odisha, right over the Puri area where the school is located.

Luckily since it is the school summer holidays in India, most of the children are at their homes with the exception of just a few who stay in the Prashanti School through the break. All necessary preparations were made to keep the children safe as well as extra food, water and supplies brought in. 

The new PIS classroom building has been built to be a safe storm shelter for the community. All local families were offered shelter at the school and anyone seeking shelter during the storm was welcome. 

Sadly the Puri District suffered severe flooding and wind damage. The SPK Foundation is so relieved to hear that everybody at the school remained safe and although there was some damage to buildings, it was minimal. This is surely testiment to the building team and all the hard work they have put into the project.

Our thoughts go out to all those in the area that have been affected and that are facing huge challenges to rebuild their lives.  


The SPK Foundation team