Spring 2021

SPK UK Update

We have been enjoying the beautiful Springtime weather here in the South of England in contrast with our US colleagues at SPK Foundation who are still getting snow!

SPK UK are busy working with Northleigh House School on an exciting new project…here are a couple of students measuring an acre in the adjacent field, we wonder what for? More to come soon!

We have also been updating their website and look forward to seeing it launch very soon.

The school has been very happy to see the students return after lockdown and have been getting back into the swing of everyday life with great enthusiasm.


SPK Foundation Update

Prashanti International School has been closed for over a year since the pandemic began, and although many were hoping they would be able to reopen with the start of the new school year in April, recent news reports smeans this sadly might not be possible.

During the school closure, the teachers and staff have been working hard to give the students tutoring, assignments and exams remotely via smart phone using any and all tools available to keep the kids engaged and focused. What a remarkable effort!

Several of the WFF sponsored children have returned to living at the hostel, where they are getting loving care, good nutritious food and academic support. The other sponsored children come on a regular basis for tutoring and also take some meals at the hostel.

We continue to wish the students, staff and all their families safety and good health at this time and look forward to seeing the students return as soon as possible.

Finally a similar message from the SPK UK to the team at Forever Angels, sending them our love and support in their efforts and continued achievements throughout this extremely difficult time.

The news that Forever Angels shares is truly inspiring, with stories from the community and their supporters coming together with such strength and resilience.

Love the SPK UK & SPK Foundation Teams x