Summer 2023

It's been 7 months since the children moved into their new family houses at Forever Angels, and the children continue to thrive. Just look at these smiles!

The new model means that babies who are admitted to Forever Anghels go striaght into a loving family. Gift was abandoned near a river in December, but from the moment she entered the children’s home, she has been loved and cared for by the same Mama and Aunt in Chui House and she is thriving.

The Mamas at Forever Angels have ALWAYS showered love onto the children in their care.  But in the time they have been living in a family, the positive impact on the children are clear to see. Their language is developing more quickly, they are much calmer, they have better behaviour, are more willing to share and they have all bonded so well with their new Mamas - seeking her out when they are distressed or hurt or just need a cuddle.

The Maisha Matters programme continues to save lives and bring hope every day.  There are around 75 orphaned and at risk babies and their caregivers attending the centre every week to collect milk, be weighed and attend the training workshops. 

 The sessions are busy and the stories are heart-breaking - but there is always so much hope too.  When a new baby joins, their caregiver is often distraught and desperate.  But the group brings joy and love and support and we see such positive changes in the babies and their caregivers in such a short time.